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Autana/Kukenam 3 Deluxe Sleeping Bag Background

Autana/Kukenam 3 Deluxe Sleeping Bag


Tepui's new Deluxe Custom Fit Sleeping Bag will keep you warm and comfortable on your next adventure! Best of all they fit perfectly to the size of your tent. Our sleeping bags have a soft flannel lining and an oversized hood. The rectangular design allows for natural movement while sleeping, instead of the restricted movement of a mummy bag.


Synthetic micro fiber insulation, oversized cinchable chest baffles, and large draft tubes along the zipper keep you warm. Rated to 25 degrees. 


These fit perfectly in our Autana 3 and Kukenam 3 models but can also be used in the Autana 4 or Kukenam 4.


Length: 84in

Width 54in

Shell: Canvas

Lining: Flannel

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