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Flannel Fitted Sheets Background

Flannel Fitted Sheets


100% cotton flannel sheets will keep you cozy all year long!


Set includes a fitted sheet and flat sheet, each with an embroidered Tepui logo, plus two pillowcases. Sheets are custom fitted to the size of the mattress.


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Sheet care

To maximize the comfort and longevity of your sheets, follow these instructions:

1. First wash- use 1/2 cup vinegar. The use of vinegar will help keep pills from forming on your sheets. It will also set the color in the fabric to help resist fading. After the first wash, choose a detergent that’s been specially formulated for use on delicates. Use the delicate cycle with cold or warm water (not hot). If using a front-loading machine, use the Extra Water setting if available. Avoid using fabric softeners.

2. Do not over-stuff your machine as this will cause friction between sheets and increase pilling. 

3. Tumble dry on low heat on a gentle setting if available, or better yet allow sheets to air dry and once nearly dry, finish in the dryer. Drying on a hot setting may cause shrinking. Avoid using dryer sheets. Remove and fold promptly to avoid wrinkles.


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