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Hey Tepui!

Ive been on a road trip for the past month, and plan to keep going for another month. I took some great photos of my setup and wanted to send them your way. I love my tent, it has taken me to so many wonderful places :) Where will Tepui take me next?

take care,


Good day,

So I was in the military in the armored corp and have been climbing and mountaineering for over 35 years, having gone through many tents, sleeping bags etc as technology changed and gear has gotten better.

My partner Nancy and I are heading to Utah for a 25 day trip in the Escalante National Monument area with 20 nights camped from the car and the remainder on back pack trips.
After much research I purchased a Kukenam Sky, sight unseen as I had to order it and have it shipped. Took a chance.
I must say how impressed I am with the quality, materials and attention to detail in your product. And we haven't even used it yet! From the initial setup and installation to our first couple of trial setups it has lived up to all the info I found on these tents.
I intend on doing a lot of video and photos of our trip with the Tepui prominent in many of them and will give you a trip report on your tent if you'd like.
Great tent, keep up the good work.
Victoria BC

Just wanted to send a message to express how great your tents really are!  I've owned a Kukenam for almost a year and Its by far the best investment I've made.  I'm a avid traveler since my family lives 2k miles from my home in Aspen Colorado; as well as a huge camper.  I travel as a part time solar installer and this is the only thing I will sleep in. I think your a great company and would love to see others enjoy your products as much as we do.  Thank you so much and have a great day.

Adam Doherty


Hi just wanted to let you know that I slept in my tent for the first time last night. It was absolutely amazing. Setup is so simple now that I've got it bolted on my car. There was just enough room in order for me to mount my Thule bike rack also next to it. Now I am all set for my trip to Kentucky Lake this summer will be pulling my boat and sleeping in my tent! Very happy customer!


Roof Top Tent Review<


Just want to say thanks for the amazing customer service and for creating an amazing product.  Took our first trip this weekend and every single detail worked exactly as expected.  I'm not sure that has ever happened to me with things much less complex than this tent :)

Thanks again and I already have a couple friends interested in getting tents for their vehicles!





Dear Tepui Tents,


We just got back from a week long excursion with our new Tepui Tent and Tepui Awning and could not be any happier. With it mounted to our Xterra we were able to camp is some fantastic locations in Taos and Red River New Mexico miles away from anyone. Heck we saved $20/night in camp fees alone by setting up camp in the Carson National Forest for free. The quality of workmanship and the relative ease of set up made it an awesome experience. I would recommend you product for its great value and high quality to anyone.


Planning our next Tepui getaway,

Robert and Joan

Oklahoma City, OK






Thank you so much for the coolest thing I have added to my camping arsenal.

I have already used the tent 4 times. Here are some pics from last weekend up in the snow in norcal. I mounted it on my 1970 Toyota FJ40 and it is awesome.


Thank You,


 Dave  (California)





Here are some pictures of my rig. I  love the tent i am out every weekend with it  great investment….



fish_bone  (Arizona)



Hi all,

I wanted to thank you for the tent.

I picked it up at the beginning of March arriving directly from Victoria and with Bernards help had the it installed in short order.

I proceeded to spend the next 4 Weeks camping around California and back up the coast to Canada. Everywhere I went people were interested, taking pictures even one young fellow walking by with his mom saying "wow look at that mom that's cool" :)

I've been out a few weekends since I got back too. The picture is on the Ash river Vancouver island.

Happy camping,






Hi Evan, 


The tent works more than perfect on the car, here some pics! 

I would be more than happy to meet you again, and maybe go to catch some waves together! 


We will plan to do some camping in Santa Cruz in June.... I will let you know!


Thanks for your help again! 




Alex (Berkeley, CA)





Thanks for your unbelievably speedy response! We'll send pictures from our first trip out with it. We're actually excited about tent camping again.

Pam  (Penn Valley)



Hello Tepui Tents,


Here are couple pics of our new Kukenam tent at Utah's Maze district last Memorial weekend. We have the High Spur campground in Horseshoe Canyon all by ourselves last Saturday. The rooftop tent survived more than 2000 miles at Utah's high speed freeway and 100 miles off-road in Canyonlands ;-)



Kimson (Monterey, CA)




Hey Evan, attached are a bunch of pics from last weekend at the Baja 500,

the maiden voyage for my Autana. so far we're loving the tent, super comfy camping and already been handing out the cards.  






Hi Evan, I have been having so much fun using the tent, It has opened up the way

 we use are vehicles. Here are some pics from BUG O RAMA 2011 in Sacramento.

 I put the tent on my 70 square back and camped in a field next to the race track

 and swap meet. When we got there it was clear but in the middle of the night the

wind and rain hit like a tornado. I was glad we were not sleeping on the ground.

We stayed nice and dry and woke up to a beautiful day. Here are some pics.


   Thank you,







I just wanted to thank you for sending me a new weather cover. Its good to see great companies like yours and that they take care of there customers.


Again Thank you 

Kythe (Hollister, CA)




Hi Evan,

Its extremely awesome for you guys to send those promo cards.  I'm telling you, the first weekend we took this tent out was to Lake Casitas during Easter weekend and we had people coming up to us for a closer look.  One driving couple navigated their way to us just so they could ask all the fine details and were happy for me to write down the website.We have now been to the same camping area three weekends.  Each time our neighboring campers comment on the ease of set up and the cool factor of it all.  Already we have experience every element except hail and snow.  From extreme heat to foggy mornings, windy evenings and a small passing through shower, the tent withstood and kept us cool and dry.  We couldn't be any more satisfied with this purchase and now have an exciting summer to look forward to.

Attached is a picture of last weekend I took with my Iphone.  But more to come as we enter summer and a planned road trip in June!