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Kargo Master Safari & Tepui Tent Combo Sale Background

Kargo Master Safari & Tepui Tent Combo Sale

We are proud to offer our customers a fantastic opportunity to get both a Kargo Master Safari rack and a Tepui Tent.  If you purchase both from us you will receive 10% off! Kargo Master Safari specializes in Jeep racks. So if you have a Jeep that you're looking to outfit with a Tepui, this is the deal for you.  

10% OFF Tepui Tent & Kargo Master Safari Combo Sale 

Here is how the program works:

  1. Start with the rack: Go to Kargo Master Safari and find the perfect rack for your vehicle make, model, and camping needs.
  2. Take note of the model # for that specific rack.  Please note any accessories as well.
  3. Find the perfect Tepui Tent for the rack, vehicle, and camping needs.
  4. Take note of the Tepui Tent model.  *** If a model is out of stock don’t worry.  We’ll just back order the tent and ship it out when it arrives.
  5. Send an email with the following information to
  • Subject Line “KMS Tepui Package Sale”
  • Your full contact information. Please list both billing and shipping address if different
  • The complete model name & part number of the Kargo Master Safari rack you want to purchase
  • The complete model name of the Tepui Tent you want to purchase
  • Any questions or special instructions (Please note here if you want to utilize customer pick-up)
  • Tepui Tents will generate an invoice with both the Tepui Tent & Kargo Master Safari rack as well as shipping charges.  If you want to pick up from our location in Santa Cruz there will be no charge for shipping the tent however we will still need to charge you for shipping the rack up to our shop.
  • If the rack or tent is back ordered we will fulfill each item when it becomes available.
  • Installation at our shop is $100 and is not included at the time of purchase.