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Featured Customers

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Meet the Diaz Family


Floriano, Flor & Darlene, from Alberta, Canada

Tepui Tent: KUKENAM XL Ruggedized Sky XL Orange Explorer (the toughest roof-top tent!)

Rig: 2017 Toyota Tacoma (although we have not retired our reliable ride that has criss-crossed across North America)

Favorite place to Adventure: The Canadian Rockies, The Beautiful British Columbia,backcountry Kananaskis

Dream Travel Destination: The True North trek to the Ice Road to Tuktoyaktuk, the most remote “Land at the Top of the World” Quttinirpaaq, the unspoiled Haida Gwaii, South America’s Southern frontier of Patagonia, Himalayas foothills

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Fishing, camping, biking, travel photography

Our country, Canada extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic. It’s the world’s 2nd largest country by total area. As put by our former prime minister, “While other countries have too much history, Canada has too much Geography”. Indeed, it’s incredibly BIG and we first appreciate this vast expanse when our family drove to move west into the prairies from the Greater Toronto. A eureka when we were on the road! The range of adventures that awaits us is right before us to explore and discover! 

We didn’t have time to waste. The Canadian Rocky Mountains is right in our backyard. We have five national parks close to us in Alberta: Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Waterton National Park, Elk Island National Park and Wood Buffalo National Park and our closest neighbor, British Columbia has seven. Lucky, all these wild, unspoiled and stunning getaways are only less half a day’s drive.

We have long, extreme winter and it makes summer a must-look forward season. We needed a no –frill, quick set-up, easily- deployed tough gear.  We chose Tepui and we love it. It’s all a simple unfold, lower the ladder and ta-da…a home anywhere, anytime! We know, it will be an endless and countless adventure from now on. More mapped and unmapped trails as we are happy with our Tepui!



Teddy, Alexa & Bruno the Dog

Miami, Florida Instagram: @Seektoadventure


Tepui Tent: Kukenam Ruggedized w/ Annex

Rig: 2013 Toyota 4runner “The Cheeto” With Orange Tepui

Favorite place to Adventure: Moab, Utah

Dream Travel Destination: Iceland

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Backpacking, Rock Climbing & Surfing

After Living in Miami for many years we shared the same vision to just pack up and go. Where didn't matter, as long as we were together and had our next adventure mapped out. Once we were given the chance to join the Tepui Family we sold our sailboat and started our trip across the US! Neither of us believed we would be able to enjoy this lifestyle with a mattress attached to the roof of our car, but thanks to the Kukenam Sky our opportunities were endless! We have been caught in blizzards below zero or stuck in rainstorms with extreme winds, and still slept as if we were warm in our bed at home. Not to mention our annex is like our living room! Words cannot describe how happy we are to have this setup on top of our rig. Camping with comfort can be hard to find but with Tepui on our side we keep the star gazing window open and enjoy the ride!



Meet the Martin Family

David and Anita & their two boys

Folsom, California

Tepui Tent: Gran Sabana 

Rig: 1994 Toyota Landcruiser, named "The Rumbling Marshmallow" and the back-half of a Toyota pick-up we use as a trailer

Favorite place to adventure: California, Nevada, Oregon and beyond!

Dream travel destination: We have too many dream destinations...but Baja, Alaska, and Canada top our list

Favorite outdoor activity: Camping, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, and exploring with our kids

We love summers together and look forward to getting outside, and this year didn't disappoint. If you ask our kids their favorite part about summer they always answer "sleeping in the tent"! There's something special about setting up camp at dusk, climbing in the tent high off the ground, and getting a great sleep before exploring and hiking and having fun. We love cruising on dirt roads with the windows down playing our favorite songs on repeat. 

This year we traveled and adventured across California. We visited Death Valley, hitting up Warm Springs after crawling over Steel Pass. We took a few trips up into the Sierra Mountains, Truckee, Lake Tahoe, and the foothills outside the Sierras. We went to Pismo Beach, Burney Falls and Crater Lake California edition, and spent a weekend lounging by secluded swimming holes. We also took our boys on a trip to Oregon, exploring Ashland, Crater Lake, and Klamath Falls before driving back into California and checking out the Lava Beds National Monument and cooling off in the caves. The year is only half over and we still have camping and 4x4 trips planned (including our big annual group trip, this year we're headed to Black Rock, Nevada and the Applegate Trail). Every free weekend is time to spend together and we try and make the most of it all while our kids are young!

Check out more of their photos and adventures on Instagram. @dirt_road_travels


Leah Cheney and Austin Johnson

Leah Cheney and Austin Johnson

Denver, CO (after our trip...TBD!)

Tepui Tent: Autana Sky + Anti-condensation mat

Rig: 2004 Toyota 4runner “Ol’ Blue” 3” lift w/ 33” Cooper S/T Maxx tires. Custom Rear Bumper, Drawers, Roof Rack, Dual Battery, and 100W Solar.

Favorite place to Adventure: Rocky Mountain Range

Dream Travel Destination: We are currently on our dream travel trip, but we would love to explore Alaska, Canada and Europe.

Fav Outdoor Activity: Hiking, Kayaking, Fishing, and Backpacking 

We are currently on a trip of a lifetime and in part thanks to Team Tepui.  In October we moved out of our house in Denver, quit our jobs, and moved the remainder of our belongings back to Arizona.  We our overlanding in our 2004 Toyota 4Runner and our goal is to get to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world.  We are currently in Colombia and have spent over 100 nights in our Tepui tent since purchasing it in July 2016.  It took us over two years to create and save for this dream trip, with plenty of anxiety and trepidation along the way.  Purchasing our Autana SKY Tepui Tent and Annex gave us the confidence that we could not only survive this trip but that we would actually get to enjoy a good night sleep!  We are also grateful to our family who at the last minute purchased the anti-condensation mat which has helped keep our mattress dry during the wet and humid nights in Central America.

Our tent is more than just a home for us on our journey south; it is also our "friend maker."  Eyes light up at every camp spot, border crossing and village we arrive at because of our Tepui tent.  As soon as Austin grabs the ladder and unfolds the tent we become instant celebrities. Leah, who loves to give the locals a tour of our "casa rodante," was flabbergasted one time when two older gentleman showed little interest in the inside of the tent, rather they were stunned and awestruck by the telescoping ladder.  Wildlife are equally enamored with the tent, including, but not limited to: ants, birds, lizards, cats and of course mosquitoes.  We are grateful for the smart design of our tent, which has successfully kept 99% of these pests out.  

Like many of your customers we are proud to own our Tepui Tent.  Thank you for making this trip of a lifetime a little more sweet.

Leah Cheney and Austin Johnson adventureLeah Cheney and Austin Johnson adventure 2Leah Cheney and Austin Johnson adventure 3Leah Cheney and Austin Johnson adventure 4


John & Christina Amoroso

Bakersfield, CA

Tepui Tent: Kukenam Ruggedized

Rig: 2008 Toyota Tacoma + home built trailer

Favorite place to adventure: Big Sur, CA.


Dream travel destination: Anywhere with water for our kayaks and canoe.

Favorite outdoor activity: Motorcycle riding, canoeing, kayaking, and mountain biking.


“My Valentine’s gift to my wife one year was a weekend trip to Santa Cruz to purchase a Tepui tent for our homemade trailer. We haven’t missed a Tepuifest since we bought the tent in 2014, look forward to that trip every year. We also camp locally at Mammoth, Rancho Santa Margarita, El Mirage, and Huntington Lake.

One of our trips to Huntington Lake was interesting. We were camped in our usual spot, and late one night a couple of trucks pulled in with not just one, but two Tepui tents. Of course, we went over to inquire about where they were from and how they liked their tents. Both tents had just been purchased. We helped the new owners set up the tents and showed them tricks we had learned throughout the years.

Wherever we go, people stop to ask about our tent and rig. But who wouldn’t stop to ask about a bright orange tent that is 6.5 feet off the ground? Then they start to really look at the rig, and questions don’t stop. How did you do this? How did you do that? You can really cook on this thing? What’s in there? Some people take a picture of the Toyanvil logo on the trailer and try to Google who made it. One camper eventually came back and said he couldn’t find it online - he was in awe that I built it.

Each year we try to add something new to the rig. This year, it was a ladder that goes from the deck of the trailer to the back entrance of the tent, which will make it easier to put our new puppy, Murphee, in the tent for the night." - John Amoroso 


Nick Reeder & Zaneta Hough

Airondack Mountains, New York

@the_openroad  @alpine_wanderer

Tepui Tent: Kukenam Ruggedized

Rig: 2008 GMC Sierra with 221,000 miles and counting. Its outfitted with an ARE Fiberglass cap with built-in side tool boxes, a Yakima roof rack, and an 8’ CVT awning. The truck is equipped with a dual battery system and power inverter, utilizing a National Luna intelligent solenoid and Xantrex ProWatt SW 600 inverter. Most importantly, it carries a Yeti Tundra 75 cooler with custom built cooler slide. 

Favorite place to adventure: Moab, Utah.

Dream travel destination: Drive the Pan American Highway from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina.

Favorite outdoor activity: Right now, it's a toss-up between ice climbing and rock climbing.

“For the last 6 months we have called our Tepui home as we traveled North America with our dog, Koda. From the rugged coast of northern Maine, to the shores of the Kenai Peninsula, to the deserts of southern California and Utah, we’ve seen what America has to offer and we’re just getting started.

In early 2016, we walked away from our careers in science and engineering in pursuit of a better life. Landscape and outdoor lifestyle photography had always been a passion of Zaneta’s and this move allowed us to pursue that passion full time. In late May, we loaded up and set out on the open road. Over the course of the next six months we logged over 24,000 miles and 150 nights in our Tepui Tent. We stayed in a mix of National Forest/ BLM campgrounds and State Parks, finding some of the best camping in the free dispersed areas on National Forest lands. With so many outstanding sites, its tough to pick the best campsite of the trip. For scenery, value, and ease of use, the Shadow Mountain dispersed camping area outside of Jackson, WY cannot be beat. In fact, it was so spectacular, we made two stops. During the trip, we endured everything mother nature could throw at us, from monsoon rains in Alaska (August is apparently monsoon season) to freezing temperatures in the Sierras. Despite nonstop camping in these harsh environments, our Tepui is still going strong!
" –Nick Reeder and Zaneta Hough


James Masciuch & Nikki Starace

Bethesda, Maryland


Tepui Tent: Kukenam with Annex

Rig: 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (JK), SPod SE Touch Power Management, Superchips Traildash 2, JW Speaker Lights, Poison Spyder Skids and Diff Guards, Various Recovery Gear, MetalCloak Springs, Fox Shocks, BFGoodrich KO2 Tires.

2014 Manley Trailer, Custom Steel Locking Lid with Adjustable Height Rack for Tepui Tent and ARB Awnings w/ Room, 120 Watts of Goal Zero Solar Panels, 2 AGM Batteries, Dual Zone Fridge & Freezer, LED Lighting, Charging Plugs Galore

Favorite place to adventure: Pacific Northwest, Canadian Rockies, San Juan Mountains, Utah.

Dream travel destination: Baja Peninsula, Alaska, Churchill Manitoba (Polar Bears!), Tanzania and Kenya.

Favorite outdoor activity: Off-road travel, Long-Distance Cycling, Photography, Camping, Hiking.

“Based just outside of Washington D.C., it can sometimes be hard to get that “outdoor itch” satiated. Don’t get me wrong, I spend most of the time in the local woods hiking/camping with my dog; Shenandoah National Park and the George Washington National Forest are just a short drive away. But the rolling hills affectionately called the Appalachian Mountains can become dull. While we will never turn down an international trip, road-tripping has become a natural part of our lives. It is a fun, easy way to experience a new place

Both Nikki and I work in schools, so we are lucky enough to get away for large chunks of time in the summer. After a three-week trip through the Redwoods and Canadian Rockies in a rental Hyundai with a craigslist cooler and my backpacking tent, I knew there had to be a better way. Cooking on a tiny folding stove, inflating and deflating air mattresses, and stuffing an ultralight tent in to a too-tiny stuff sack gets old pretty quick.

Being a lifetime Jeep owner and rather handy with tools, I set out to build a rig we could drive across the country and live out of for weeks at a time. When we returned, I got another Jeep, this time springing for a lifetime warranty with unlimited mileage and a basic expedition trailer to build up. What you see displayed here is a result of that hard but enjoyable work. With Nikki’s amazing meal and trip planning, we could easily have added another month to our recent 5-week trip.

There is nothing better than eating fresh Tikka Marsala under the stars with a popsicle for dessert, then retreating into a bed off the ground after taking a hot shower, all while being in the great outdoors miles away from anyone!! We’re taking “glamping” to a whole new level with a Tepui Tent as our home away from home! " –James Masciuch



Mylo, Denali & Aurora Fowler

Sandy, UT



Tepui Tent: Kukenam Ruggedized

Rigs: 2012 Nissan Titan Pro-4x: (Currently) 4” Rancho Lift (getting replaced with a Pro-Comp 6” Stage II with Coil Overs) 35” Toyo Tires R/T’s, Wilco Off Road Pre-Runner Tire Gate, RBP Wheels, Air Raid CAI, Magnaflow Exhaust, HID Lights. Up next is a Fab Fours front/rear bumper with a Warn Zeon 10-S Platinum winch.

2006 Nissan Armada: 6” Pro-Comp lift, 35” Toyo Tires (all A/T, R/T, M/T), RBP Wheels, Magnaflow Exhaust, Fab Fours bumper, Warn Zeon 12 Winch, Bull Dog LED Lighting, Fab Fours Roof Rack, Goal Zero Boulder 90 Watt Solar panel, Goal Zero Yeti 400.

Favorite place to adventure: Navajoland and the West

Dream travel destination: The one and only Alcan Highway!

Favorite outdoor activity: Going on a hike somewhere in Nature. Denali loves to take photographs and Aurora loves to see the open country. I love to lead the pack and we all LOVE TO CAMP!!! We recently picked up fly fishing.

I’ve been photographing the landscapes of the West, particularly Navajoland, for well over the past decade. Denali was born in 2012 and though my “work” is out there, having him didn’t stop or slow me down. If anything, it ignited the adventure. He’s been on many of my trips since he was 4 months old. Aurora Winter was born in 2014, adding sweetness and fire to our trips!

Each month, we travel between 3,000-5,000 miles to photograph. After many pee stops, diaper changes, an occasional diaper blow out, snack break and all things that require tending to two kids, nothing is as sweet as finding a camping spot or a dirt road in the middle of nowhere and having the ability to get setup within 4-5 minutes. We’ve slept in blizzards, monsoons, 60 mph dust storms and even dime sized hail storms! Since 2012, our tent has seen it all, from the harsh Arizona summer to freezing Wyoming winters, weathering over 175,000 miles! Same tent. Same mission. Same outcome. Family time. - Mylo Fowler


Tony and Jessica Ilao

San Diego, CA



Tepui Tent: Gran Sabana

Rig: 2012 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4WD. Bajarack UT Flat Rack, ARB USA Awning, Hella 500FF, Apex Perimeter Lighting, Gobi Ladder, Toytec Boss 3' Full Suspension Lift Kit, Flowmaster Cat Back System, BFGoodrich KO2, Midland Telecommunications

Favorite place to adventure: Sequoia National Forest and Pacific Coast Highway

Dream travel destination: Australia

Favorite outdoor activity: Overland trips, Off-Roading and Rock Climbing

From San Diego, CA Jessica and I grew our love for the outdoors during a camping trip out to Ocotillo Wells before we purchased our tent. We were heavily influenced by many people of the Overland community like Expedition Overland, Overlandbound, Nomadders Overland and many more to name and realized that these road trips or camping trips we did was more than just a weekend thing, it became a lifestyle. 

Our last mini overland trip was a "Bachelors Trip" with our close friends and members of our wedding party (Erik Atienza, Adrian Atienza, Jay Ilao and Lucky Nguyen). We traveled from San Diego and explored Sequoia for 3 days until we made our way up to San Francisco for the night. We departed San Francisco and had to stop and visit the Tepui showroom because it wouldn't be complete without saying hi. After we took the entire Pacific Coast Highway 1 down to Pismo where we camped for the night. 

We love our Gran Sabana and realized that getting a roof top tent from Tepui was a lifetime investment and game changer. We purchased the largest tent knowing that one day (next year) our kids will be up in our tent to! - Tony & Jessica Ilao


Bill Sycalik

New York, NY


Tepui Tent: Ayer with annex

Rig: 2008 Subaru Impreza with Subtle Solutions lift

Favorite place to adventure: Our National Parks!

Dream travel destination: Glacier National Park

Favorite outdoor activity: Trail running

Up until May of this year I lived in New York City, working as a management consultant every day in Manhattan. I had been there five years but missed easy access to the outdoors. I am an ultramarathoner who most enjoys trail running. Without a car it is difficult and expensive to make regular excursions outside of the city (it is expensive even with a car!)

This year is the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. That gave me the spark to develop the National Parks Marathon Project. I am currently running a self-directed, self-managed, self-measured marathon in all 59 U.S. National Parks. This is my way to celebrate our National Parks, trail running and seeing 59 of the most beautiful places on earth. One of my goals is for someone from the running community to join me on some or all of each marathon. I want to inspire people to break away from the constant chaos of daily life and spend a full day in nature moving like we were intended. I think we live in an overly negative and stressful environment particularly in cities. Getting out into nature revives the spirit, energizes the body and calms the mind. We all need more of that.

I have a 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i 5-speed wagon. I added a Subtle Solutions one-inch lift to give me just a bit more clearance for some of the gravel roads I expect to encounter, otherwise it is stock. I bought the Tepui Ayer tent because it fits nicely on the Subaru and provides me the added comfort I need to recover from my marathon runs. It is also extremely convenient and space saving as I don’t use room in the car for a tent and sleeping bag.

My typical process includes finding a campground in or near the park, meeting with the rangers about a course, spending time as a tourist seeing the park and then running my marathon. So far I’ve completed 10 marathons since June 18th and I’ve had seven people run with me (a great percentage!). Also from my blog posts and other social media I’ve been told that I’ve inspired others to get out and run in the outdoors. That’s what it is about. Get out and move and see our National Parks!" -Bill Sycalik


Daniel Contreras

San Jose, CA



Tepui Tent: Kukenam Sky

Rig: 06 tacoma, icon rear suspension, softopper, BFG all terrain, stingray industries lighting.

Favorite place to adventure: Lake Powell and north rim of the Grand Canyon.

Dream travel destination: Most Northern point of Alaska and southern tip of Baja.

Favorite outdoor activity: teaching my little man how to camp and build.

"My brother, myself, and our boys love exploring new land and building memories that money can't buy. I really enjoy finding BLM land and a nice place to camp, building a fire and cracking some beverages. The sound of wind going through the trees is my serenity sound.

I recently took a trip from the Bay Area, CA to Joshua Tree National Park, accompanied by my good buddies Justin R,  Larry G, and George. We moved through the south rim of the Grand Canyon and eventually stopped by Lake Powell, Utah. It was an epic drive, with boulders bigger than my truck outside the driver's window. We pulled over at the ridge and saw one of the most amazing sceneries ever." -Daniel Contreras


Nick and Lisa DeLuca

Discovery Bay, CA

@mademan925  @life_of_a_tw_wife

Tacoma World Trip Journal

Tepui Tent: Gran Sabana

Rig: 2014 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road. Relentless Fabrication Armor. Fox and All-Pro Long Travel Suspension. Stealth Custom Series Rims. 35" Goodyear MT Tires. Bay Area Metal Fab/Homemade Off-Road Trailer.

Favorite place to adventure: Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Dream travel destination: Alaska and Baja.

Favorite outdoor activity: Camping. Off-Roading. Hiking. Exploring. 

"Growing up both Lisa and I participated in scouts programs where we found our love of camping. After getting married in 2012, we decided to buy a truck and found ourselves owning a two wheel drive Toyota Tacoma. Needless to say with our camping adventures, this rig was unable to keep up. We then purchased our current 4 wheel drive Tacoma the day it arrived on the lot. Since then, we have gone on many adventures and our Tepui has become our second home. We started off with the Tepui Ayer to see if we liked sleeping off the ground. We quickly realized we never wanted to camp in a ground tent again! We put our Tepui through the paces, camping in snow, mud, rain, sand, and high winds. It withstood everything mother nature threw at us. After about a year and a half of awesome adventures to Utah and the Sierra Nevadas, we upgraded our tent to our current Gran Sabana and added a trailer for more versatility.

Our typical adventure consists of leaving Friday night after work and heading up into the mountains or out to the coast. We typically set up camp in the dark using all of our off-road lights. In the morning, Lisa makes an awesome breakfast before we head out to explore for the day. We have an amazing old book of California back-roads we use to explore and we have found the tough 4x4 trails to be our favorite. Many of the modifications we have completed on the truck allow us to run these trails. After wheeling for most of the day we return to our campsite to start the grill and a fire. We exchange stories about the day around our campfire with friends until the last piece of wood has burned. Then, we climb into our Tepuis and fall asleep listening to the nearby creek, river, or ocean miles away from the nearest camp or road. These getaways are what we truly enjoy and look forward to.
" -Nick and Lisa DeLuca




Kyle McEniry

Menifee, CA


Tepui Tent: Kukenam with Annex

Rig: 2005 Toyota Tacoma. All-Pro Armor. Icon & Total Chaos Suspension. Baja Designs Lighting. BFGoodrich KO2 Tires.

Favorite place to adventure: Mojave Desert. Death Valley.

Dream travel destination: Eastern Utah. Colorado. Baja Peninsula.

Favorite outdoor activity: Off-road travel. Camping. Photography. Stargazing. Finding abandoned and old places.

"I grew up in the Southern California deserts learning about the outdoors, camping and riding dirt bikes with my family. There I was taught how to respect and appreciate the outdoors.  Once out of highschool I bought my first Toyota - a 1989 4wd Pickup. My friends and I would spend nearly every weekend driving it around, finding all the oddities and history that had been left behind in the desert. We did that for years and it is what built the foundation for my passion to explore. In 2014, I purchased a 2005 Tacoma and began to build it for overland style adventures. Over the course of a year and with the help and support of some awesome companies it slowly turned into what it is today - the ultimate expedition rig.

Currently, my interest has been in finding old mining camps and the deserted cabins that usually accompany them. Planning, mapping and reaching these places is an enjoyable personal challenge and nearly all our trips start or end at a new discovery. It became so routine that friends urged me to start documenting and sharing what we do and around a campfire. In Death Valley, we coined ExploreDesert. Going forward, we have some amazing trips planned and look forward to what the future holds!" -Kyle McEniry