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Tepui's Gold Lake Adventure Background


Tepui's Gold Lake Adventure

March 09, 2018 Tales from the Road

After July 4th Tepui staff headed up to Gold Lake in the Sierras for a few days of fun, offroading, product testing, and some general shenanigans. Let's call it all, 'team building'. We hiked a bit on the Pacific Crest Trail, reached the end of the road with a huge snowbank on the 4x4 trail, made margaritas with the Goal Zero, and explored every fishing hole on the lake. It wouldn't be a true Tepui trip without a few minor blunders though, (e.g., a broken monitor, a bent exhaust pipe, some lost shoes and a few hangovers). All and all a huge success! Check out some of our photos below. Thanks to Todd Rodgers of Four Points Adventures for most of these shots.