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Teddy, Alexa & Bruno the Dog - Miami, Florida Background


Teddy, Alexa & Bruno the Dog

Miami, Florida

Tepui Tent: Kukenam Ruggedized w/ Annex


Rig: 2013 Toyota 4runner “The Cheeto” With Orange Tepui


Favorite place to Adventure: Moab, Utah


Dream Travel Destination: Iceland


Favorite Outdoor Activity: Backpacking, Rock Climbing & Surfing




After Living in Miami for many years we shared the same vision to just pack up and go. Where didn't matter, as long as we were together and had our next adventure mapped out. Once we were given the chance to join the Tepui Family we sold our sailboat and started our trip across the US! Neither of us believed we would be able to enjoy this lifestyle with a mattress attached to the roof of our car, but thanks to the Kukenam Sky our opportunities were endless! We have been caught in blizzards below zero or stuck in rainstorms with extreme winds, and still slept as if we were warm in our bed at home. Not to mention our annex is like our living room! Words cannot describe how happy we are to have this setup on top of our rig. Camping with comfort can be hard to find but with Tepui on our side we keep the star gazing window open and enjoy the ride!