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SkyCamp™ is here! Background


SkyCamp™ is here!

March 09, 2018 Announcements

Tepui is excited to announce the launch of SkyCamp™, a new product for semi-permanent camping. The Tepui SkyCamp is a durable and comfortable wooden structure with a Tepui rooftop tent mounted above it, perfect for backyard “glamping”  or hosting short-term campers and guests.


The SkyCamp system is constructed of durable materials and designed to affix to select models of Tepui tents. Beyond an elevated sleeping structure, the SkyCamp has a built-in picnic table that is protected from inclement weather and shaded from the sun. The new product is a fun alternative to the backyard treehouse, or it can transform a space into a seasonal campground at vineyards, resorts, ranches, and summer camps.“The Tepui SkyCamp is an easy, turnkey solution for landowners to provide a unique recreational experience. While our company focus is rooftop tents, we recognize the appeal of having an elevated sleep structure for uses beyond car camping,” said founder Evan Currid. “We see the SkyCamp as a way for our customers to cultivate community for experiential camping in the comfort of a Tepui Tent.”